John Carter: Worth Your Free Time ?

Some close friends were in town and we decided to go and watch John Carter, the new Disney movie. So preoccupied with my situation in life, I must be the only one who had not heard of the movie. Because, everyone else I talked to about it had either watched it or the trailer. And, while I went to watch the movie with no clue about its plot and with no expectations, I am glad that I watched it.

Web Feeds: What, Why and How (About RSS, Atom and Subscribing)

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A web feed or a news feed is a machine-readable document and is a common and popular method employed to provide users with frequently updated content from a website. Readers can subscribe to feeds from various sites using an aggregator (feed reader) and have them all at one place. This is a very convenient way to stay updated with many sites and a great way to use your free time.

The 200th Birthday of Charles Dickens

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As incredible as it may sound, there are souls in the world who have not heard of Charles Dickens. My mother happens to be one of them and she has her reasons for not knowing him. If his name doesn't ring a bell, you may like to read this detailed wikipedia page on him. For those who have heard of him, today is his 200th birthday.

Time Is Precious, Free Time Is Even More

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We are mortal beings and death is inevitable. In other words, we were born and we have to die one day. However, the purpose of life is not death, even if it is the eventual outcome. ( Though, what is the purpose of life, if there is one, is a debate that I don't want to get into at this moment ). The point is that life is short. Some live longer than others, but the eventual outcome remains the same.